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    Duane Valencia

    Anyone getting this to work? GS has abandoned the old <DRAWINGNAME> parameter for title texts… I’ve got my 15year old detail title back up and running…but the ac_drawingName parameter will only ever display as “0”…

    I have it set up to feed a different variable “vf_name” so that I can manually override it within the title object parameters itself…

    any ideas?

    BTW… ac_drawingScale seems to be working fine.

    but ac_drawingNumber does NOT work either…

    really need help here… This is only an issue with the 4022 release… Meaning, if I can’t get this to work.. I will have to constantly go back and forth from 3005 to 4022 and back… (for other TW issues)..

    **** sorry for posting twice.. didn’t catch the HEADINGs before…

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    Duane Valencia

    And while we’re talking Titles… is there any variable that returns the NUMBER equivalent of the scale of the drawing? For example, 1/4″= 1′-0″ would return a number of 48?

    In trying to create my own GRAPHIC SCALE, I need something that can be used in an equation for scaling.

    The ac_drawingScale only returns the VERBAL version of the scale…
    Yes, I can “convert” this to a number, but when it’s an IN BETWEEN scale, I’ve got problems. Not to mention the script checker really hates it when you IF-THEN with a numeric equation.

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    James Murray

    AC_DrawingName and AC_DrawingNumber work, but you have to create the parameters; strangely, they are not included in the subtype.

    James M

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