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    Mats Knutsson


    I’ve got a lamp object and I place it with its “bottom” at a certain distance from the floor. I have lamp coords going up to the roof and I’d like the length of the coords to be dynamic and adjust to the roof (story height-object placement height).

    storyheight= GLOB_CSTORY_HEIGHT
    objectplacementheight = ?

    CYLIND storyheight-objectplacementheight, 0.01

    I can’t even get the GLOB_CSTORY_HEIGHT to work and for the level of the placed object I have no clue.

    I have many noobish questions (would actually like GS to publish some examples). The Handbook+Cookbook have to few actual examples. The Cookbook has som …when I manage to find them… IMO it’s a peculiar piece of text…

    🙂 Mats

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    Frank Beister

    Try GLOB_ELEVATION or the operation SYMB_POS_Z – GLOB_CSTORY_ELEV for objectplacementheight.

    GDL developer | | Hamburg, Germany

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