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    shaun coomber


    Is there any way to check if specified file names are loaded into the current library?

    I’m importing values from optional txt files, and if the txt files aren’t loaded the report ends up full of these errors:

    File not found in the library
    while operating on file ‘#######.txt’.

    This is what I’m using:

    currentChannel = OPEN (“TEXT”, currentFileName, “LIBRARY, MODE = RO”)

    IF currentChannel = 1 THEN
    GOSUB “Import Text File Content”

    CLOSE currentChannel

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    shaun coomber

    For example, is it possible to use n = APPLICATION_QUERY (“LIBRARY_MANAGER”, “”, files_list) for txt files, or only IES and image files?

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    Péter Baksa

    Hi Shaun,

    no currently it’s not possible.

    Péter Baksa
    Library Platform, Software Engineer

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