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    David Cook


    I have a zone stamp that has the following line in the Master Script which returns the ID of the zone. Works great.
    x = REQUEST("ID_of_main", "", IDText)

    We’ve got a project where we want to hot link in a module several times and add the prefix. Now I can get the prefix to show up, but not the ID if I change this line to
    x = REQUEST("Full_ID_of_parent", "", IDText)

    Is there any way I can do a double request
    x = REQUEST("Full_ID_of_parent" & "ID_of_main", "", IDText)

    or filter the results into a secondary line of code to get the IDText variable to display them as a combined result?

    x = REQUEST("ID_of_main", "", IDTexta)
    x = REQUEST("Full_ID_of_parent", "", IDTextb)
    IDText = IDTextA & IDTextB

    Appreciate any assistance/advice/ that can be provided. I’m still relatively new with this side of the GDL commands.


    Dave Cook

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    Denny Wong

    Hi David,

    Not sure if I got your question correctly – this sounds more to do with string concatenation rather than the REQUEST itself. & operator in GDL is a Boolean operator; + is the operator you are looking for:

    n1 = REQUEST("ID_of_main", "", IDTextA)
    n2 = REQUEST("Full_ID_of_parent", "", IDTextB)
    if n1 and n2 then
      IDText = IDTextB + IDTextA
      print "Something went wrong"

    I am not sure if REQUEST will give an Integer if IDTextA turns out to be all numbers, in which case you might need to do a VARTYPE then str(“%.0”, IDTextA) before concatenating.

    I also want to point out that if you put these REQUESTS in the Master Script, they will produce a numerical “0” if GLOB_SCRIPT_TYPE is Parameter Script. If you then try to + two 0s together obviously you will get a 0. If your confusion comes from seeing 0s as your script result, may be that’s the reason.

    kind regards,


    Bond Bryan Architects, Westerham, UK

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