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    Heimo Mooslechner

    in my GDLhandbook on page 186 i found :

    HOTSPOT x, y, z [, unID [, paramReference [, flags [, displayParam [, “customDescription”]]]]]

    i tried the following 3D-Script, to get movable hotspots with the names i want.

    		for ii = 1 to 20
    			!x control  Position des Elementes
    			HOTSPOT 0,	  		RTX[ii][2], 	0, unID,RTX[ii][1],	1+128, 	displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteY"	:unID=unID+1		!BASE
    			HOTSPOT RTX[ii][1],	RTX[ii][2], 	0, unID,RTX[ii][1],	2, 		displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteY"	:unID=unID+1		!MOVE
    			HOTSPOT -1,			RTX[ii][2],		0, unID,RTX[ii][1],	3, 		displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteY" 	:unID=unID+1		!REF
    			!y control
    			HOTSPOT RTX[ii][1],	0,	 			0, unID,RTX[ii][2],	1+128, 	displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteX"	:unID=unID+1		!BASE
    			HOTSPOT RTX[ii][1],	RTX[ii][2], 	0, unID,RTX[ii][2],	2, 		displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteX"	:unID=unID+1		!MOVE
    			HOTSPOT RTX[ii][1],	-1,	 			0, unID,RTX[ii][2],	3, 		displayParam,"Lage WaagrechteX"	:unID=unID+1		!REF

    in 2D it is similar:

    		for ii = 1 to 20
    			!x control Position des Elementes
    			HOTSPOT2 0,	  		RTY[ii][2], 	 unID,RTY[ii][1],1+128, displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte"	:unID=unID+1		!BASE
    			HOTSPOT2 RTY[ii][1],	RTY[ii][2],  unID,RTY[ii][1],2, displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte"		:unID=unID+1		!MOVE
    			HOTSPOT2 -1,			RTY[ii][2],	 unID,RTY[ii][1],3, displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte" 		:unID=unID+1		!REF
    			!y control
    			HOTSPOT2 RTY[ii][1],	0,	 		 unID,RTY[ii][2],1+128, displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte"	:unID=unID+1		!BASE
    			HOTSPOT2 RTY[ii][1],	RTY[ii][2],  unID,RTY[ii][2],2, displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte"		:unID=unID+1		!MOVE
    			HOTSPOT2 RTY[ii][1],	-1,	 		 unID,RTY[ii][2],3 , displayParam,"Lage Senkrechte"		:unID=unID+1		!REF

    Testing the code with the testbutton:

    In 3D – i get an error message: “displayParam” is not a legal parameter name…
    in 2D – i dont get this message.

    I can save and use the library-Part without any problem within Arhcicad.

    Why do i get this message?

    For testing by Yourself:

    Multifenster.pln (Edu19Aut)

    short Video about the problem

    Thank You forwarding for helping me at this topic

    Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
    AC5-19, Win and Mac
    GDL hobby developer

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    Heimo Mooslechner

    Now i got it finally!! It sometimes (very often) – is very hard to understand the GDL-handbook – because it is so poor in examples. The textal description is right – but very 🙄 😯 😈 🙁 without an minimal amount of examples)

    You have to repeat the valuename once again instead of displayParam! – thats all!

    Why dont they tell this clear!

    Wy not writing simply: repeat parameter name instead of displayParam – so that onyone can simply understand it?

    It is written there in a way – my simple mind could not understand it for hours! I had to find out with trial and error – seeking!

    Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
    AC5-19, Win and Mac
    GDL hobby developer

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      Dominika Bobály

      You can find a tutorial and downloadable examples (with the correct use of displayParam as well) in this lesson of the Learning section. The displayParam is not always necessarily the edited parameter. It can be any other parameter represented, but the connection between the edited and represented ones should be handled in the parameter script of the object. Check out Central editing example AC19.gsm in the downloadable lcf for example codes.

      Dominika Bobály
      Library Developer, Library Team

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    Heimo Mooslechner

    Thank You for Your reply!

    May i suggest: Please (Graphisoft) add links to Your above mentioned tutorial page into the GDL-handbook.pdf in the future. This would be most helpful – or put the Text of the pages directly into the handbook.

    This would help us users not to spent hours of seeking trough all known knowledge-sources. Because i use GDL since nearly 20 Years – on a low level – i did not know about this site to look for answers – but i Know the book – and there the links to this should be – direct at the topic – not at the end of the book or so..

    Other users obviously have the same problem of seeking and finding information – and they built their own knowledge-site: Maybe You know this page: http://www.selfgdl.de
    But there is only the things available that they have found out. Please have a look at it too and correct them if possible! Thank You forwarding..

    I have some other problems with my multiwindow-library-part – but i think i have to open other tasks here for it.

    Please understand me right – You program for GDL is wonderful – its just the “looking for information about it” that i criticise here.

    Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
    AC5-19, Win and Mac
    GDL hobby developer

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