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    Atef Djf


    i have a problem with this object, i would like to change the handle type but in the 3d script there is just one line, and i can’t find the called (typ_ouv) in the embeded library to change the GDL handle script with the new one !
    Do have any idea how can i fix this problem


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    David Shorter

    If you highlight the ‘typ_ouv’ in the 3D script window and go to the file menu> libraries and objects> open object, ARCHICAD should find the macro and open it
    Sorry if you already know this
    Hope it helps

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    Frank Beister

    The name is not in quotation marks. So it is a variable. Davids trick will not work in this case. You have to look in master script, parameter list or parameter script, which values the variable/parameter may be.

    On the other side you would not need to replace a macro, if you could add your new one and add its name to the available list of values of [typ_ouv].

    GDL developer | | Hamburg, Germany

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    David Shorter

    One of the things I like about ARCHICAD is that you can learn something new every day.
    I didn’t know you could call a variable.

    Thanks Frank.

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