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    Robert Nichols

    I’ve developed a GDL part that creates an 2-way array of thin volumes with spacing such that they represent the joints on a panelized exterior building skin. Using SEO, I subtract the GLD object from the exterior walls and I get good joints that I can control somewhat globally.

    But I just discovered that the SEO subtraction also affects doors and windows within the exterior wall. The doors and windows are custom objects. Is there a way to exclude my doors from SEO operations acting on their containing wall using GDL or any other means?

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    Gergely Fehér

    Possible workarounds:

    • create and place your object as a wall accessory, then you can “leave out” the doors and windows, so your object won’t override the openings.
    • place blocks to your openings, cut your object with this blocks with SEO, and then then use SEO with the cut object and the wall

    Gergely Fehér
    Team Leader, Library Team

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    Robert Nichols

    Thanks, Gergely. I had assumed that would be my path, but I have to code it window by window. My fantasy was that there would be “SEO-off-for-this-object” switch that would let me solve the problem in a more global manner.

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