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    James Murray

    I have a macro that contains graphical editing hotspots. The local parameter being edited is an array. I would like to call the macro multiple times from the caller object, and let the macro instances have different geometry. In the macro, the array parameter might be called “shape”, while in the caller there would be separate array parameters called “shape1”, “shape2”, “shape3”. The trouble is when the graphical editing code runs, the name of the parameter being edited does not exist in the caller. (“shape”<>”shape1”). If the name matches, of course, it works.

    Is there a way to have general graphical editing in the macro, that modifies multiple specific parameters in the caller? In other words, I’m trying to have the “shape” array in the macro change the “shape1” array in the caller.

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    James Murray

    I guess not?

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      Dominika Bobály

      Unfortunately it is not working that way, yes. You have to put all corresponding parameters into both objects to make edit and parameter value transfer work both ways.

      Dominika Bobály
      Library Developer, Library Team

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