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    Bruce Walker

    I’m creating a custom door for a project, and I want to use the Autotext / General parameters for scheduling.

    I’ve figured out that #Height and #Width under the General parameters will read the B & A parameters of the door.

    What I can’t figure out is what parameters are scheduled when you use “Nominal W/D Opening Height on the Reveal Side” and “Nominal W/D Opening Width on the Reveal Side”. I’ve tried ac_unit_height and ac_unit_width, but that isn’t it.

    What parameters get read here?

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    Péter Baksa

    This is a legacy option: says it works only with ARCHICAD 10 library.
    It calculates with B (height), wall opening top oversize compatibility option, the subfloor thickness set for the marker, and the reveal sizes set with the built-in reveal UI page:

    Péter Baksa
    Library Platform, Software Engineer

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