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    Kristian Bursell

    I am pleased with the “Library Part Independent” function for mapping as this makes the whole process viable. However, I was under the impression that we could actually reference IFC properties in the GDL script.
    From what I have found it seems there are only a limited number of IFC values that can be referenced in the GDL script; as per the list in the GDL Reference Guide.
    Is this the limitation of IFC properties usable in the GDL script?
    Is it possible to reference other properties and control library part parameter values via the IFC properties?


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    Gergely Fehér

    There is a set of application queries to get IFC properties and their values from library parts, search for Tags and categories on this page: http://gdl.graphisoft.com/reference-guide/application-query-options/
    You can check the usage of this queries in “Tags and categories label” in ARCHICAD19. I hope it helps.
    By the way I think IFC properties should not control objects parameters, as if the user changes anything in the IFC values, parameter script of the objects will not run – so it can cause an inconsistent result.

    Gergely Fehér
    Team Leader, Library Team

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