Is there a way to find the status of openings visible or not?

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    Cadimage Group

    I can check if windows display markers in a given view, using this request:
    windowShowsMarker = 0
    rrr = request (“window_show_dim”, “”, windowShowsMarker)
    But is there a way to check for whether windows are hidden in plan view? The MVO settings (Window Options: > Hide on Floor Plan) are on the same section (Options for Construction Elements).

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    Frank Beister

    I think, if they are hidden, the skript will not be run, isn’t it?

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    Dominika Bobály

    The 2D script may be running when MVO is “Show Opening Only” for calculations, but the actual drawing display function is somewhat limited in that case (but still no information comes from the program to the object about this condition).
    When the MVO is “Hide on Floor Plan”, the object’s scripts are not running at all (Frank guessed right), so no way of checking this from within the object.

    Dominika Bobály
    Library Developer, Library Team

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    Robert Nichols

    I’m discovering this puzzle now. I have my own window objects, and I want them to behave like the GS native window objects when MVO is set to “show opening only”. At the moment, if I have a native GS window next to one of mine, the GS window reverts to simple opening, and my object still shows my 2D line work. There must be some way to code this, right?

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