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    Frank Studzinski

    I’ve started to create an object with several “movable Hostpots”.
    To avoid having to much Parameters i would like to use an array
    to store the values.

    hotspot2 0, _wh1y, 1, “_wh1[1][1]”, 1+128
    hotspot2 -1, _wh1y, 2, “_wh1[1][1]”, 3
    hotspot2 _wh1[1][1], _wh1[1][2], 3, “_wh1[1][1]”, 2

    unfortunately it didn’t work.
    Is something wrong in my script, or is it impossible?

    Graphisoft Berlin GmbH

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    Gergely Fehér

    There are 2 problems in your script:
    1. If the values of _wh1y and _wh1[1][2] is not equal, then your hotspots are not inline, so editing can not work. Use the same 2nd coordinates in all lines.
    2. You shouldn’t put “_wh1[1][1]” in quotation marks, delete them.

    Besides these, starting parameter names with underscore is not recommended.

    Gergely Fehér
    Team Leader, Library Team

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    Frank Studzinski

    Thank you!
    The quotation marks were my problem,
    because it works with them for regular paramters.

    Graphisoft Berlin GmbH

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