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    Piotr Dobrowolski

    To get the UI scaled properly we need multipage tiff files to allow “proper” scaling of the pictorial UI elements..
    Searching through the AC libraries the multipage tiffs contain 3 pages where 0 is not scaled – and the others are 200% and 300%.
    Those 3 work quite well – but did anyone try with different scaling/more pages? (and is it giving anything when non-obvious scales are used)

    Another thing – what tools do You use for creating the multipage tiffs? Currently I use Affinity Designer ->export 3 scales and then combine them with imagemagick
    I think it could be done more automatical way.. anyone has something good for that?


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    Péter Baksa


    If you create the images in svg format, put them in a folder, LP_XMLConverter convertlibrary -excludesvg <folder> <tifffolder> converts them.
    There is one limitation: it converts text with a default font, and gives a warning. Explode text in the svg editor.

    Péter Baksa
    Software Engineer, Library Team

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    Piotr Dobrowolski

    I searched for that in LP_XML tool manual and could not find…:)

    BTW If searching reliable tool for splitting and merging tiffs then there are few commandline image magick goods for that:

    I added for right click over tiff file(winddows):
    “C:\Program Files\_ImageMagick_folder_\magick.exe” convert “%1” -set filename:f “%%[t]_%%[fx:t+1]” +adjoin “%%[filename:f].tif”

    for joining files put in the folder I made right click option to join tiffs from there into one outside that directory
    (unfortunately I could not figure it out to do without bat file creation)
    so right click goes to: “_path_to_custom_file_\joinTiff.bat” “%1”

    and this bat file contains:
    “C:\Program Files\_ImageMagick_folder_\magick.exe” convert %1\*.tiff %1.tiff

    I needed also this option for pure bitmaps…and making one overscaled jpg does not work if there are elemenets that need to be crisp ;(


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    Piotr Dobrowolski

    I made the same right click entry for the svg 2 tiff

    it points to a bat file containing:

    “C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\LibDev Toolkit 22 (3013)\Tool\WIN\LP_XMLConverter” convertlibrary -excludesvg %1 %1_tif

    it works on right click on folder and creates a folder (at the same level) with the same name +”_tif” containing the tiffs made out of svgs

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