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    Francois Chatelain

    objects that use to work perfectly all the way from AC 9 to 19 suddenly show corruption in AC 20 3d view.
    I get “invalid vertex/edge in polygon xxx” warnings when generating 3d view.
    It seems that the compiler has become touchy in certain cases.
    These objects have been created with MaxonForm (someone revive it please!), and I have over 3.3k of them created over the past 11 years.
    I haven’t had time to check them all, but this situation could prove quite annoying since most of my work relies on my own libraries (mainly furniture of top design manufacturers) to create visualisation and renderings.
    Could someone please check the attached example to find out what’s going on.
    Thank you in anticipation.

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    Francois Chatelain

    Here’s the ZIP file (*.gsm not allowed).

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    Francois Chatelain

    Anybody wanting to chime in?

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    Gergely Fehér

    Hi Francois,
    I checked the object and it has errors in it’s 3D script – there are invalid poligons in it. I would like to have more informations about these elements, so please contact us at gdlcenter@graphisoft.com

    Gergely Fehér
    Team Leader, Library Team

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