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    Hi everyone, I have a question about objects licensing. I would like to protect objects with password, but to do so I need to choose certain license type. I am working for a big company and we need to protect our source code, but we also will share those objects with our customers on our website (login required). My assumption is that I would rather choose Commercial license type, am I right? Does Commercial license type mean, that we agree for licensing imposed by website owner where the object is published (here – our website) or that we need to create our own license agreement (here – for both? website and objects?)?
    I am a bit confused with those license types and I would be grateful for help!


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    Péter Baksa

    The license type applies to the object you are creating. The user can see it in the tool settings window.
    It is also used by https://bimcomponents.com if an object is uploaded there.
    I can’t give you legal advice, but I think you should have your users accept the details of your own commercial license agreement on your site before download, and probably package your code as lcf and include a license agreement there also, or a copyright notice in the source code.


    Péter Baksa
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    Lingwisyer GC

    One route I have taken in regards to source code is to hide the scripts. I did this so that a user is still able to modify parameters even when using the object as a sub-object.


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