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    James Murray

    I’m looking for more information on editing with paper space lengths, which is new in 19 and is supposed to get rid of the need to ask for GLOB_SCALE in the parameter script. I’ve seen a sample object from GS, but I seem to have lost it. And, I remember that object used real numbers for the model space length. That makes sense for metric, but I couldn’t figure out how to adapt that to US units.

    James M

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    Peter Nagy-Barta

    Dear James,

    I have created a Test Object about the new HOTSPOT2 editing mode.
    (see attached)

    In this object you can change between metric basic unit calculation (mm) and imperial basic unit (points)

    I hope it will help you to create your own object.

    Best regards,


    Peter Nagy-Barta
    Library Developer, Library Team

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    James Murray

    Thanks, Peter, I’ll look at it. Have a good weekend.

    James M

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