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    Denny Wong

    Hi all,

    I am working on a labelling system that uses a single macro across Zone Stamps, Door labels, Window Labels and generic Labels attached to objects. So far it is working very well, except that I have a performance issue with the generic Labels. Whenever I grab one of the editable hotspots or even just move the label, i.e. during GLOB_FEEDBACK_MODE, it becomes so tediously slow that I can’t effectively work on my project.

    This curiously however, does not happen with the Zones, Doors and Windows, even if they are just the same empty shells doing a “call ‘my_label.gsm’ parameters all” from the Master Script.

    For your information:
    – I have a GLOB_FEEDBACK_MODE set in the label, drawing a single rect2 based on TEXTBLOCK_INFOs.
    – my labels are attached to walls, showing 1x IFC Property and 2x Wall parameters.
    – We are still on AC19, OSX.

    My feeling is that AC is caching the 2D symbols of all the zone/door/wido stamps but not the labels, meaning that it gets redrawn a million times whenever I try to move it…?

    I can provide a PLA if that helps.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


    Bond Bryan Architects, Westerham, UK

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    Denny Wong

    I have come to the realisation that it is when the labels associate with Walls that have this problem. If I ping the same label at a Window, it will behave just fine.

    Bond Bryan Architects, Westerham, UK

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    Piotr Dobrowolski

    This became way better since AC 20 (AFIR) (I had some project that was very slow because of many associative labels in 19…while I opened it by accident in newer version it worked better)
    To check just open the project for testing even without library migration in 22 – maybe that would be the argument for migrating up at least the latest projects.
    (I know the drawbacks in GDL, but there are also good points there)


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    Denny Wong

    Many thanks Piotr, that’s a relief to know as trying to troubleshoot this is driving me nuts.

    The wait for the office upgrade continues….

    Bond Bryan Architects, Westerham, UK

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