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    Joachim Sühlo

    Is it possible to get access to the objects or scripts of the integrated tread and risers of the stair tool?
    I want to create custom tread and risers.

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    MAC OSx 10.12

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    Dominika Bobály

    If you create a custom stair with the tool and select it (in 2D or in 3D), the general opening methods for library parts should work. The “Open object” command opens all stair-related library parts of the placed element (multiple ones). If you wish to open just one single object, you can use the Report window: type the exact name of the libpart you wish to edit, select the text and use the “Open object” again (or the hotkey).

    Dominika Bobály
    Library Developer, Library Team

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    Barry Kelly

    The only ones you can’t edit are the ‘Built-in’ objects.


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