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    Mats Knutsson

    What is the best 3D-shape to use if I want a to model something that in section is controlled like a poly and then just extruded (adjusting thickness)? I can use prism but then I have to rotate it so it stands up and for me it feels like kind of unnecessary. I’m creating my first macro and it’s a support column to which I want to send the thickness with the macro call. Maybe the rotated prism is the correct way but I wanted to check with you guys first.

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    Péter Baksa


    RULEDSEGMENTED can be used for sideways extrusion, but I think rotating a prism is easier. GDL commands are designed to be used with transformations, there aren’t duplicates for different directions.

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    David Shorter44

    Mats, I cant visualise what you’re trying to create but have you tried using the new column tool or a complex profile?
    These days its better to use an element rather than an object if its possible.

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      Mats Knutsson

      David: boilers of varoius sizes accordin to attach. Differens kettle sizes byt more or less the same support structues on the sides. The kettle and the shower I will not dabble with but as an excercise I’d make the kettle, shower as dumb macro calls and the supoprts as smart ones (only differens thickness).

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