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    Kristian Goodsell

    So in version 20 has anyone found a way to use TEXTBLOCK_INFO (depth specifically)to set a distance of one textblock to another if being called as a macro?
    I’m working on a linked engineering speci object that reads the speci from individual text files.
    the Text_In object reads note block.txt files 1 to say 30 and gives the ability to include or not, individual
    sub notes of the text file ie (2.11 Blahhh blah) and becomes part of some check elements linked to mvo’s and properties and also a title blocked speci page.
    BUT when I try call the Text_In object into the Speci page object, TEXTBLOCK_INFO falls apart (by design, poorly)
    even if I finish Text_In with a simple ADD2 tblock_wid, tblock_dep.

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