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    Anton Kazmin

    I’d like to explicitly thank everybody involved in creation of this online resource.

    For the past 25 some years learning GDL was an uphill battle for any architect.

    Shifting primary focus of GDL learning from a standard GDL manual shipped with ARCHICAD and a few scattered, third-party courses to a fully fledged, centralized, on-line, community-oriented resource is a huge step forward.

    Thank you for taking the time to create this new community.


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    Kristian Bursell

    I’d also like to say thank you, though my reasons are a little different from Antons. I never struggled learning GDL even when I first started, we just seemed to click even though I had no coding experience; it was meant to be ;).
    However, being a GDL coder has been a lonely journey; people glaze over when I start talking GDL. So I look forward to a strengthening GDL community through the GDL centre.

    Thank you


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    Dominika Bobály

    Anton, Kristian,

    thank you for your enthusiasm, we really hope we can live up to the expectations:).
    The learning materials are being constantly updated and extended as we go.
    In case you have any related questions or recommendations to any post or lesson, please, share in the post’s comments, so we can make them better.
    Good to know there are fellow GDL developers “out there”.

    Dominika Bobály
    Library Developer, Library Team

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    Geoff Briggs

    I’m late to the party but want to add my thanks to GS for the GDL site and this forum. My work with GDL is infrequent but intense. There’s no way I can (or want to) keep all the subtleties of GDL in my head, so when a project comes along I need all the help I can get.

    Geoff Briggs
    DeForest Architects
    Seattle, USA

    Geoff Briggs
    DeForest Architects
    Seattle, USA

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