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    James Murray

    As an experiment, I saved a single slab as an object and examined the autoscript. There are a lot of group commands, and I did find and replace to give them human-readable names. The now legible structure was surprising:

    The geometry is in Group A. Group B is defined as placing Group A. Group C is defined as placing Group A as well. Then Group B is killed without placing it. Group D is defined as placing Group C. Then A and C are killed. Finally Group D is placed, then killed.

    None of this is needed since there are no operations. I understand that the autoscript routines must be ready for anything a user might save as an object, but this seems excessive and strange! It’s mostly my curiosity, but can you tell me anything about the reasoning behind this?

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    Piotr Dobrowolski

    If You know what is modelled (know IDs and so on) and just borrow the code: You can safely remove the group commands and all initial coordinates translations (+ del’s accoordingly)


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    James Murray

    I don’t have any trouble understanding how to handle the code. I’m curious about the process.

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    Péter Baksa

    The script is written by code that is prepared to handle SEO operations and keep the correct volume and surface of the model. A simple slab doesn’t have SEO operations on its own, but the GDL script is not optimized.

    Péter Baksa
    Software Engineer, Library Team

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