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    Joachim Sühlo

    Is it possible to Write a Property into a parameter of a label or zone stamp in AC 22?

    The task is the following:
    I have created a Zone stamp value which comes from a property that was created by a calculation (string-arrangement of different other properties).
    This value shall be the Room-Number. In the Zone stamp I can display this value in 2D.
    The doors belonging to the zones shall have a door-number which is using the room-number as part of it.
    But the property values in the door markers cannot read the calculation made for the zone (the values are always empty).
    But the door marker can read the zone number (Parameter ROOM_NUMBER).
    For this I want to write the Properties-Room-Number into the zone number (Parameter ROOM_NUMBER).

    If this is not possible, are there any other ideas?
    The main goal is to get automated door numbers with parts of the room numbers.

    GDL Object Developer
    MAC OSx 10.12

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    Csilla Mai

    Hi Joachim,

    It is not possible to get automated door numbers based on a Zone expression, a Zone expression value cannot be stored as a parameter in ROOM_NUMBER or ROOM_NAME.

    Csilla Mai
    Library Developer, Library Team

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