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Gergely Fehér

Hi Frank,

When writing sample codes, there are a lot of reasons for us to consider beyond simplicity. Instead using less lines in an example, we want to create codes in accordance with GRAPHISOFT’s coding style and standards, since these are important parts of learning scripting, too. Our goal is to have examples with a common base in related topics, and have each post adding a different function to it. We hope this could benefit the regular readers in longer terms. Tips&Tricks examples should be close to real use cases, meaning extra parameters and functions appear besides the example function itself.
In the near future examples are going to be added as downloadable content to the posts (for your convenience:)), so there will be no need to create all parameters manually, you can go ahead and test the function right away in ARCHICAD.

One recommendation: Learning pages and Tips&Tricks posts can be commented at the end of each article, so any related remark commented there is automatically linked to the post itself, making it easier for others to follow.

Gergely Fehér
Team Leader, Library Team