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Frank Studzinski

Please don’t misunderstand my comment. It’s great to have first hand examples for GDL.
My experience with my students,our clients and with my own brain, is that it’s hard to follow those complex scripts. It’s hard to focus on the problem, when i first have to filter which part of the script handles the problem and which is only additional.

Maybe you can combine both methods.

First you show the part of the script wher you handle the problem you want to explan.

_totalRotate = (SYMB_ROTANGLE + _angleViewRot) MOD 360

if iTypeTextRotation = 2 then ! Readable
if (_totalRotate > (90 + EPS) & _totalRotate < (270 + EPS)) then
rot2 180
_nTrans = _nTrans + 1
if iTypeTextRotation = 1 then ! Horizontal
rot2 _totalRotate * (SYMB_MIRRORED – not(SYMB_MIRRORED))
_nTrans = _nTrans + 1

and than you show the whole script.

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