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Gergely Fehér

idxSkin is the index of the skin to which you would like to get the volume. Unfortunately, this index is a bit tricky, it starts from 0 and must be smaller then WALL_SKINS_NUMBER. You can use the following code to get all skins volume and area from a composite wall:

for i = 1 to WALL_SKINS_NUMBER
	success = REQUEST ("COMPONENT_VOLUME", i-1, skinVolume)
	component "volume " + WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[i][1], skinVolume, "m3"
	success = REQUEST ("COMPONENT_PROJECTED_AREA", i-1, skinArea)
	component "area " + WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[i][1], skinArea, "m2"
next i

I hope it helps.

Gergely Fehér
Team Leader, Library Team