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Barry Kelly

Unfortunately not.
Apart from the fact I can only get the name of complex profile walls (composite walls just come up ‘N/A’) it suffers from the same issue that a default (new) window does not yet belong to a wall so doesn’t get the wall name.
This is understandable but it used to use the default wall name in version 16 and before.
Why can it not do the same now?
When scripting it assumes the wall default still so why can’t it for a new window?

I have gotten around the problem by scripting in a parameter where the user can choose the brick type for a new window just so they can get the correct sizes but it will then automatically use the correct wall type once placed in a wall.
This just allows the user to set the correct size before placing the window rather than place the window, get the wrong size and then have to fix it.


Versions 6.5 to 22
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