Reply To: Slant of CW in 3D GDL

Csilla Mai


The frames can be modeled as 3 different Curtain Walls using the Boundary First modelling at the horizontal Curtain walls and cutting the frame ends with the Cutting Planes parameters available at non-built-in library parts. Unfortunately we do not have a solution to create automatically the desired frame geometry at the attached picture, it would need further development in ARCHICAD.

The reason that the project coordinate dependence is not supported is simply based on User cases, technically the coordinate system position of the project could be provided by ARCHIICAD with further development.

Different 2D and 3D representations of a frame can be reached using the GLOB_VIEW_TYPE global variable: if it’s value is 2, a different model can be created which will be projected by ARCHICAD for 2D representation in case of the Curtain Wall’s Frame representation is set to Projected.

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Csilla Mai
Library Developer, Library Team