Reply To: Read Name of Project

Péter Baksa

What you want is not exactly possible, but there are workarounds on where to place the file:

– txt files can be added to the embedded library. It saves a copy of the file in the project, after data update it needs to be re-added.
– Folders containing txt files can be added as a linked library.

These are accessible with only a filename (no path), but duplicate filenames aren’t allowed. WHEN the libpart is run, it gets the most recent data from the file (without library reload), and the file gets archived in a pla.

I do not recommend changing parameters based on an external file:
Changing the file doesn’t force the parameter script to be run (even a library reload doesn’t guarantee that), user interaction (OK in settings dialog or hotspot edit) is needed.

If you could solve that the file is only accessed in 2D/3D/UI script, a rebuild&regenerate would read the most recent data from the file.

Péter Baksa
Library Platform, Software Engineer