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Barry Kelly

Just a question, if I need to get coordinate data of any element for my library part, to have the same capacity of the accessories, how should we proceed using GDL ??

This is why we still need the accessory add-ons.
It is these add-ons that form the link between the object and the element (at least that is my understanding).
I would love an add-on for multi-plane roof as I am not skilled enough to create my own.

The GDL objects that work with the add-ons don’t need to be maintained by Graphisoft.
But a basic object that reads all of the element parameters would be nice – it doesn’t actually have to do anything.

I am sure there are plenty of users that can create new objects.
Even I am currently getting my objects to work with the roof accessory (hence the desire for a multi-plan roof add-on).
If I can do it I am sure there are many others that can do it as well.


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