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Nader Belal


There is no GDL scriptor that can deny the possibilities offered by the accessories plugin, that is for sure and we have Graphisoft saying it will only give it minimal maintenance with 0 (zero) options for future development, and I see this also as understandable.

But, reality checks, since that the possibilities that this plugin offers is big leap forward for object creation, and reality also dictates that the have to be very cautious when making the decision of using such plugin as may be one day Graphisoft will simple stops shipping it, and we have no other option that can substitute it. That is why I was asking (out of my personal ignorance) if there was another way to achieve the same without using the accessories plugin that I’m not aware about.

Well there may be one, using Grasshopper, so you load the object to Grasshopper (that if the object is not placed on the layout), detect the vertices coordinates, then send it back to another object from Grasshopper (it’s not that simple and not that hard). Which could be seen as something really cool, but not practical for a limited number of objects or objects with limited options and capacities in any project or circumstance.