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Bruce Walker

Let’s take the specific example of the door schedule:
– we schedule the leaf finish, and frame finish in the schedule
– this finish needs to be a code, e.g. TM-104
– this needs to be read directly from the relevant parameters in the doors to ensure integrity of information: in this case “gs_leaf_mat”, and “gs_frame_mat”
– the Surface name in the project attributes is actually “TM-104: Timber oak dark stained”, therefore I need to SPLIT the Surface name so only “TM-104” will show in the schedule
– I cannot use a Property, as Properties cannot read object parameters
– I cannot use a SPLIT command, as I cannot REQUEST the Surface command in the Parameter script
– I cannot cheat by narrowing the column, as different codes have different widths
– I cannot change the Surface names to just be the codes, as there are exceptions to this that require the description
– I may be able to set up an IFC field that will SPLIT the Surface name, but so far I haven’t been able to get this to work – and there could be performance issues associated with this.

I understand the reason GS gives for not being able to REQUEST the Surface name in the parameter script, but surely there’s a better way?