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Barry Kelly

– I cannot use a Property, as Properties cannot read object parameters

No of course not – I wasn’t really thinking there – sorry.

– I cannot use a SPLIT command, as I cannot REQUEST the Surface command in the Parameter script

Again, sorry.
I was thinking the parameter is already a name, but of course it is an index number.
You still have to REQUEST the name for that index number.

I understand the reason GS gives for not being able to REQUEST the Surface name in the parameter script, but surely there’s a better way?

I don’t.
When is the material ever going to be different other than when you change the parameter in the object – and doesn’t that mean the parameter script is run?
Unless Gergely is saying it is because someone may edit the name of the surface (material) attribute in the attribute manager and then the object script is not being run to get the changed name.


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