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Kristian Bursell

Thank you for the information in Tips and Tricks it is very useful.

I am now struggling a little with the OUTPUT function of the XML Add-on.
I have manage to modify the XML file with OUTPUT and a bit of testing help me to understand the navigation aspect, which as you know is done using the INPUT commands as describe in Tips and Tricks.
The issue i cannot resolve is how to get the OUTPUT function to create a new line in the XML file. Using the only 4 options available (AsNextSibling/AsPreviousSibling/AsFirstChild/AsLastChild) only allows me to write on the same line as the Position Description. Can I get it to create a new line or do I have to come up with a different XML structure?

I’m using the ‘Copy’ function so perhaps if i had a specific character in the XML file that got copied in this function perhaps that would somehow create my new line for me?