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Heimo Mooslechner

I have explored similar issues on my new freeform-Window with

WSBN[ii]=WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[ii][1] !building material

Thats what i am writing about:

Youtube description of the problem

In the meantime, i figured aut, that it seems to be simply locked by Graphisoft, to read out the building materials – but just for 3d. In 2D ist is possible to use the commands and it works perfect but in 3 D – no way!


WSBN[ii]=WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[ii][1]            !building material 

t = REQUEST{2} ("Building_Material_info", WSBN[ii], "gs_bmat_surface", surface[ii])  !!GDL-manual german S378 
r = REQUEST ("Name_of_material", surface[ii], name[ii]) 

I tried the code above in the masterscript – which works for both 2D and 3D-scripts – but it makes different results.

Very bad! It took me hours to find out and to really belive it!!

Why is this made this way by Graphisoft? Is this one of the intern not really documented “policys” do make it really hard to script good library-Parts?

I hope someone from Graphisoft reads this and feels my …. disappointment… Shocked

Who is the woman or man there -the BOSS of GDL at Graphisoft – who makes such decicions – i really would like to get in contact directly!

Please – if You read this, “GDL-Boss” – Yes – You – write back here “in the open”, come into the discussion – take part – please!

To try – AC19EduAut – grman –

Dropbox-Link of the file

german Vido deeper in this topic:

diffrent beavour 2D-3D-Script

Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
AC5-19, Win and Mac
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