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Heimo Mooslechner

I have some problems with this parameter and the correct usage..

i wrote:


for ii = 1 to oft

         WSP[ii] = WALL_SKINS_PARAMS[ii][1]                 !Schraffur

         KernSTR = STR(WALL_SKINS_PARAMS[ii][6], 1,0)
         Kern = WALL_SKINS_PARAMS[ii][6]

            WSBN[ii]=WALL_SKINS_BMAT_NAMES[ii][1]            !Baumaterial
            add2 0.15,0.02
               style links

               t = REQUEST{2} ("Building_Material_info", WSBN[ii], "gs_bmat_surface", oberflaechen[ii])  !!S378
               r = REQUEST ("Name_of_material", oberflaechen[ii], name[ii])

            del 1

            if ii = 1 then Aussenputz = oberflaechen[ii]
            if ii = oft then Innenputz = oberflaechen[ii]



         Schichtdicken[ii]=WALL_SKINS_PARAMS[ii][2]      !Dicke

      if KernSTR="3" then 
         WoKern = ii
         Gesamtdicke = Gesamtdicke  + Schichtdicken[ss]
      add2 0, -0.015
next ii

del oft-1

for ss = 1 to WoKern-1
   Dickensumme = Dickensumme + Schichtdicken[ss]
next ss

in the 2D-Script – i got correct answers from it.

there i wrote:

for ii = 1 to oft
   add2 0, 0.05
   text2 0,0,oberflaechen[ii]
   Text2 0.2,0, Aussenputz !! nur als Test - schreibt brav 18 hin
next ii
del oft-1

BUT – in the 3D-Code – i got Just 0 when i tried the same – and there i would need it so badly…

i wrote in 3D:

   DEFINE STYLE test "Arial", 10, 1, 0
   style test   
    for ii = 1 to oft
      addy -0.012
      addz 0.1
              text 0, 0,oberflaechen[ii] - !!nur als Test - da schreibt er gar nichts hin
         TEXT 0.01, 0, Aussenputz !! sollte überall 18 stehen - aber macht im 3D  0 draus
      del 1
   next ii
   del oft

Why is it not functional in 3D?

I personal would need it for self made wall-openings with much more editable hotspots than are used in the normal Archicad-library.. for a much better user-experience..

Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
AC5-19, Win and Mac
GDL hobby developer