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Heimo Mooslechner

Thank You for Your reply!

May i suggest: Please (Graphisoft) add links to Your above mentioned tutorial page into the GDL-handbook.pdf in the future. This would be most helpful – or put the Text of the pages directly into the handbook.

This would help us users not to spent hours of seeking trough all known knowledge-sources. Because i use GDL since nearly 20 Years – on a low level – i did not know about this site to look for answers – but i Know the book – and there the links to this should be – direct at the topic – not at the end of the book or so..

Other users obviously have the same problem of seeking and finding information – and they built their own knowledge-site: Maybe You know this page:
But there is only the things available that they have found out. Please have a look at it too and correct them if possible! Thank You forwarding..

I have some other problems with my multiwindow-library-part – but i think i have to open other tasks here for it.

Please understand me right – You program for GDL is wonderful – its just the “looking for information about it” that i criticise here.

Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
AC5-19, Win and Mac
GDL hobby developer