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Heimo Mooslechner

Thanks for Your reply – sorry for my rude writing – but i really was a little upset for loosing hours for looking at any possible error i may have made by myself. I found out the “In 3D you can use WALL_MAT_A and WALL_MAT_B for the wall surfaces.” by myself in the meantime – But thanks.

Maybe i work in the wrong direction with my freeform-multiwindow..

I got an code from “sinseV6” = esteban ramos from Architalk-forum – which made it possible to create 2D+3D polygones with a growing ammount of segments – open and closed.

I tried to use this as background for several GDL-Objects and now, i thougt it would be time to use my collected knowledge about this on a freeform Window-Opening.

I took this Polygone-koordinates to a wallhole-command and it worked fine. My problem here is the tube command.

I used the tube to follow the polygone-path with using a series of put and get-commands. (The tube allows to do this without calculating parallel points to the polygone in GDL-what is to hard for me -i tried it and failed.)
So it was possible, to make the window-frame follow the opening-polygone and that worked also fine…

BUT – when i tried to make the outer-wall-plaster and the warming-insulation reach over the window-frame for simulation of a Layer-feed (german “Schichteinzug” – hope its translated correctly) – i had no chance to get the Tube without a line between the Wallhole and the tube. I found out how to supress the wallhole-Line, but the tubeline was too hard for me to supress.

So – there is still a line between my additional plaster-tube and the wallhole – and i thoght – there should be an automatic within Archicad – that same surfaces elliminate lines between elements the same way it does between walls and slabs?

With tube it does not work.

My question – would it be better – instead of using tube for getting a graded wallhole – to use some kind of other usage of wallniche-command or other solution for this kind of wallopening? How are the wallopening-gradings of library-Part – windowopenings made? Its so hard to find the correct script containing these things in the Archicad-Library.

For Your tryout:

and a Youtube-tutorial in german (just turn the sound off if german is not the right..):

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