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Heimo Mooslechner

I like to put independent elevation-views inte the groundfloor, sometimes to write text to it – some datas, some helptext for the User. I did this in many of my elements for a smoother user workflow experience and other reasons.

some of my examples:

blockwall-building wall part with elevation

of a more complex one:

Balanced Stair with elevations

Foundation – stepping with section
and a really complex one:

for displaying and editing ducts in groundfloor and sections and 3D

Tutorial for that sewer-thing

You have to try them by Yourself to understand their functionality – and for the most of them i made Video-Tutorials on Youtube.

For the Duct-Part – normal elevation would not work, because this thing is drawn to flat in the elevation-view with 2 diffrent scales for the same drawing: 1:100/500 (100 for the Hight, 500 for the length) This is normal in length profile in planning for sewer construction.

As i made very good experiences with this kind of usage uf the 2D-GDL, i would like to use that also for complex wall openings. You wuoldnt need this for normal Doors and Windows – but for direct constructing and Editing – its a wonderful possibility.

Did You look at my Video-Link above? Tutorial for the Usage of my MultiWindow1

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