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Heimo Mooslechner

GDL definetly should be a mirror to the existing Drawing-enviroment. But besides that – it should give the same amount of editing-possibilitys to the end-userasit does for normal Archicad-Tools as Wall, Slabs ect.

If i declare a Prism – its basicly a set of coordinates with a functionname. If a User activates this thing – it should be possible to alter the shape of it with the normal drawing enviroment without the usage of editable hotspots. The shape schould react as any other normal shape in Archicad like a slab- with the normal pet-Pal-commands. Such a functionality should be implemented without special commands needet. All the calculation needet for it schould be made by Archicad direct – not with complex GDL-Commands. Such a shape would nott have to be static- it schould be able to grow with new points- all the same as evers other shape in Archicad.

The User wouldnt have to lern new, how to operate the thing. All used commands should work without GDL-Scripting. It should be implemented in the Shape-commands direct on the maximal simplest way for the scripter.

You cant imagine the possibilities and the success for Archicad with such a tool.

Lets think it NEW!

Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
AC5-19, Win and Mac
GDL hobby developer