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Heimo Mooslechner

In “the general scripting assignments” You write:

GLOB_VIEW_TYPE = 2 – 2D, floor plan

The model is displayed in the standard 2D floor plan.
In a 3D script this means that the model is projected to 2D
via the project2D command.
This is the main use of an object – this 2D model must be always correct and efficient.

the model is displayed via feedback lines on the 2D floor plan during the hotspot editing of the object.
This model is drawn many times in a single second throughout the user interaction.
This implies that the model should represent the essential parts of the object only.
Note, that texts (generated by text2 command)
are not refreshed in feedback mode – since it would slow down the output.

So it seems to be possible to make display-refresching faster and simpler by using this.
Thanks for that!

What i am missing is the following:

If the users zooms out – so that the displayd symbol of my GDL gets really small on the screen – it often is not useful any more to be visible and editable. I think it would be a good idea to connect the visibility of these hotspots to a precentage – of its extents compared to the screen. – Automaticly made by Archicad itself or controllable by the Scripter?

Also an criteria for this could be the nearess of the mousecurser similar to the behaviour of the new blue guidelines in AC19..

To make this as clear as i can: You should be zooemd in enough and the Mousecurser schould be near enough to display the Hotspot and if the Mouscurser is moved even nearer – it displays the Name of the hotspot..

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