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Daniel Virtic

“The most flexible solution still is to select everything you want labeled, and label them with a single command.”

Agree with you, but let’s say I am on a view which has a layer combination, and I can’t label elements which are on hidden layer.
So I have to open those layers, or to go on other views where the layer combination permit to see them. Which means I’ve to do that “one click for labeling, for
several times.

Other thing is, I need to label elements with a custom label I’ve created, in order to schedule custom parameters from them (for example a rounded wall height, etc). These elements can be visible only in 3D maybe, or depends how the floor cut plane is set and that’s why I think that previous option for an element to come with label will be nice to have it back.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the new solution.

Hope to understand what I’ve wrote.

Thank you