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Csilla Mai

Hi Daniel,

The surface indices of the ARCHICAD elements are available through the Global Variables. To get the name of the material you can use the “Name_of_material” request. For example displaying the material names of a slab element in a label object in 2D:

_matTop 	= ""
_matBottom 	= ""
_matEdge 	= ""

r = request ("Name_of_material", SLAB_MAT_TOP, _matTop)
r = request ("Name_of_material", SLAB_MAT_BOTT, _matBottom)
r = request ("Name_of_material", SLAB_MAT_EDGE, _matEdge)

text2 0, -1, _matTop
text2 0, 0, _matBottom
text2 0, 1, _matEdge

Is this solution the one that you need? Could you please explain that what would you like to use the material names for?

Csilla Mai
Library Developer, Library Team