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Heimo Mooslechner

Thanks for Your quick reply!

Some additional thougts to that topic:

Dont make the error to think, this is just a hobby of an old teacher in Austria.

Spending Your time to implement this polygone-functionality to GDL could make hunge impact on further develop GDLs and could make much more developers step into this topic.

When reading on architalk-forum, You can read that there have stoppt some of the most skilled developers to develop in GDL because of the “not evolving GDL”.

I know, i am not having any right to give You orders which way Graphisoft should use its recources, but GDL is a main feature in Archicad and could be main selling point in the future in my opinion. And i think having worked out the importance and possibilities of features similar to the Accessory-addon enough with my examples and videos.

Teacher in HTL-Salzburg
AC5-19, Win and Mac
GDL hobby developer