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Gergely Fehér

I made a simple test object, a new zone stamp. I added a new parameter “myArea” (a realnum) to the paramlist, and text2 0, 0, myArea to the 2d script and parameters myArea = ROOM_AREA to the parameter script. With this I tested a placed zone, and if I moved any of the zone’s hotspots the area text is changed, so paramscript has run. If I edited the zone with a marquee, then the text has not changed – so in this situatuion the paramscript did not run. This second case with the marquee is a known issue, we are working on a solution for the next main version for that.
You can force the parameter script run with opening it’s settings dialog and closing it with “Ok”.
If you have any other workflows which changes the zone and does not change the parameters, then please report it to me. Thanks.

Gergely Fehér
Team Leader, Library Team