Reply To: Interface image clarity

Joachim Sühlo

Your Pictures size value of 136,80 should be half the size of the picture, as I think.
If I do this, the captured screenshot of the UI matches with the picture, in your script not.

ui_x1 = 1
ui_y = 1
ui_selection_h = 100

	UI_INFIELD{3} "sentry_type", ui_x1, ui_y, 160, ui_selection_h,
		2, "Sayfa-SENTRY-Guardrail", 2, 1, 
		160, 100, 144, 80,
		sentry_concrete, type_sentry[sentry_concrete], type_sentry[sentry_concrete],
		sentry_metal, type_sentry[sentry_metal], type_sentry[sentry_metal]

Although the edges are still jagged a bit, they are absolutely identical to the picture you loaded up.

GDL Object Developer
MAC OSx 10.14