Reply To: parvalue_​​​description

Dominika Bobály

This function can be used to display the description text assigned to the actual value of any integer parameter with VALUES{2} list.
It works on the interface, or for 2D/3D texts.
For example, you have an object with the following parameter and values in paramscript:

values{2} "iExampleParam" 1, 'Description Text 1',
			2, 'Description Text 2'

If you would like to display the description text of the selected value on the UI script, do this:

stDescription = PARVALUE_DESCRIPTION ("iExampleParam")
ui_outfield stDescription, 10, 10, 180, 15

On the attached picture, the chosen value is 2, so the description text belongs to value 2.
The command works in 2D and 3D as well.

Dominika Bobály
Product Manager