Reply To: Newparameter

Gergely Fehér

It works for me (maybe you should check with a bigger gap between your blocks, as they are overlapping in your sample…), but you should modify your script a bit:

dim intparam[5]
	intparam[1] = 1
	intparam[2] = 2
	intparam[3] = 3
	intparam[4] = 4
	intparam[5] = 5

dim descparam[5]
	descparam[1] = 'opt1'
	descparam[2] = 'opt2'
	descparam[3] = 'opt3'
	descparam[4] = 'opt4'
	descparam[5] = 'opt5'
for k=1 to 5
	values{2} "a"+str(k,1,0) intparam, descparam
next k

You should avoid using “mixed” type arrays.

Gergely Fehér
Team Leader, Library Team