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Barry Kelly

Thanks Gergely.
I think it is finally sinking in that GLOB_VIEW_TYPE will have a default of ‘2’ which is why the ‘if GLOB_VIEW_TYPE = 2 then …’ set ‘firstRun = 1’ but the ‘if GLOB_VIEW_TYPE = 3 then …’ doesn’t (because it actually equals’2′ not 3).

I think that is what keeps confusing me – not that the command no longer works but that it has a default value that can make it appear that it is working in some circumstances.

But I guess I am desperately after a way to have a parameter not be set while in the library part editor – i.e. the old ‘GLOB_CONTEXT = 5’ which now of course doesn’t work.
So I am looking for anything that will work and am clutching at straws.
I thought I might be on a winner her but no I wasn’t.

There is a solution for me and it requires migration of the objects.
It works fine, just more involved to get it working.


Versions 6.5 to 22
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