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Dominika Bobály

To have paper scale editable hotspots (which show mm in the tracker), you have to do the following:

  • add a real type parameter to use as meter in GDL script (“paperSize_M”)
  • add a real type parameter to use as millimeter for paper scale display (“paperSize_Mm”)
  • connect the two parameters in parameter script (with GLOB_MODPAR_NAME, using a *1000 multiplier or divider)
  • write an editable hotspot trio for the meter-substitute parameter in 2D, use the 1024 flag
  • the hotspot’s displayparam should be the millimeter-representative
  • for the actual drawing, use a variable in 2D, which you calculate from the parameter “paperSize_Mm” using GLOB_SCALE (paperToModel in our scripts)

If you use the 1024 flag, the edited hotspot will be calculated by ARCHICAD to meters in paper space, according to GLOB_SCALE automatically, so you do not need to use GLOB_SCALE in parameter script to connect the model-size and paper-size parameter.
Check out the Multileader Label object in the official library, it has this functionality implemented.
The flag 1024 can be checked out here.

Dominika Bobály
Product Manager